Site Surveys and Reports

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Our team of qualified engineers can conduct a suite of technical assessments that can help you identify any weaknesses or opportunities in the early stages of your projects' lifecycles, so that your systems are optimised for the best performance.

Early-Stage Diagnostics for Project Optimisation

Before carrying out any new installation, replacement or retrofitting works on your heater or control panel projects, it is always critical to perform a thorough evaluation in order to determine the viability of the project. Our team of service engineers can run detailed assessments on your operation, so you can be confident that your systems are built upon a solid foundation right from the start.

To find out more about routine monitoring on existing equipment, please visit our Preventative Maintenance page.

Customised Project Analysis and Reports

Our diagnostics procedure comprises a comprehensive range of evaluations that help identify factors that might affect your project, including:

  • Site Surveys: Certain locations have harsh or even potentially hazardous environments that can affect the lifespan of your equipment. Our service professionals have years of experience and can help advise on the proper equipment design or rectification procedures necessary to safely and successfully complete installation or extension works.
  • Equipment Inspections: By carefully inspecting your system architecture, EX Services can help identify and suggest an optimal solution should you wish to upgrade or expand upon your existing heater and panel systems. Our engineers are trained to work with equipment from EXHEAT and other vendors.
  • Spares Stock Taking: We monitor the amount of spares needed for your equipment and provide early notification for any obsolete or new spare parts required.
  • Operator Proficiency: EX Services can help you evaluate the level of operator proficiency needed to better maintain your EXHEAT products in a safe and effective manner. We also provide training to ensure you get the best performance from your equipment daily.

Thermal Imaging Services

EX Services now offers standalone thermal imaging studies to help you detect system faults in advance. By taking non-contact thermal images of your equipment as an integrated unit, our service engineers can quickly identify hotspots in a safe and efficient manner. Images and records are then stored for further detailed analysis with your engineers, giving you clarity on how to fix issues before they disrupt the production process.

Typical services carried out include:

  • Electrical surveys
  • Separator sediment level inspection
  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI) surveys
  • Heat exchanger analysis
  • Turbine and exhaust stack shield monitoring

To discuss more about the specific thermal imaging service required for your plant or facility, please fill in our quote form, and our specialists will get back to you.