Preventative Maintenance

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In any stream of life, prevention is better than cure - this is especially true within the process and production operation environments. By performing regular preventative maintenance on your equipment, you protect your critical assets from unexpected breakdown or faults.

Minimise Equipment Failure Risk

Lack of adequate maintenance is one of the leading causes of equipment failure. EX Services can carry out regular, routine maintenance and ongoing diagnostics on your equipment to help prevent against any unplanned downtime and costs from unanticipated failures. Through careful planning and systematic inspection, potential problems can be detected and rectified before they happen.

Benefits of performing preventive maintenance include:

  • Maximising operation uptime and minimising downtime.
  • Reducing the chance of complete equipment breakdown. Problems can be identified and recognised earlier.
  • Reducing the chance of requiring onsite repairs, as deploying engineers onsite might take some time.
  • Saving of time from having to deliver replacement parts.

Optimised Maintenance Support

Our experience in working with many projects worldwide gives us the insight and ability to manage your equipment in a cost-effective manner. All our service professionals are trained to inspect and service heaters or control systems from EXHEAT and other vendors in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas. We work closely with you to develop maintenance routines that are optimised to fit the specific upkeep requirements of your systems, and schedule planned visits at intervals that are convenient for you. This ensures that the maintenance activities we provide are carefully designed to fit your budget and needs.

Preventative maintenance services can be scheduled for both heaters and control panels, and may include:

  • Recurring diagnostic tests for equipment and part conditions
  • Cleaning and basic maintenance works
  • Optimisation and monitoring of spare parts levels

Service Packages for Greater Convenience

For greater convenience, you may opt for one of our service contracts, which include routine product maintenance support at six and twelve month intervals, so you know your equipment are functioning at optimal levels. These contracts are also bundled together with other discounts and support solutions so you get the most value for your money.