Return of Goods

General Conditions

EX Services Pte Ltd works on behalf of and in conjunction with EXHEAT Ltd and EXHEAT Pte Ltd.

The health and safety of our personnel is extremely important. Therefore, EX Services should be made aware of any hazardous materials that might have been in contact with your equipment. Should this be the case, you must provide certification that the goods being returned are no longer contaminated, as defined under EU directive 67/548/EEC applicable to dangerous substances. This information is required of you by law in order to protect EX Services personnel from contaminated equipment. To reiterate, the equipment prior to shipment shall be decontaminated, removing all traces of hazardous contamination (as required under any local, national or international laws covering the transportation of dangerous and hazardous goods) and in conjunction with the EU directive, as stated. In other respects, goods shall be in a clean condition and drained of any fluids such that they are available for EX Services Pte Ltd inspection. Please ensure that the Decontamination Form is completed.

As the person offering the equipment for shipment, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

Only through authorisation granted by EX Services Pte Ltd (and an authorisation number issued to you) shall goods be returned. Failure to comply with this request may result in the goods being delayed or acceptance refused, and any resultant costs shall be borne by the customer. On our part (provided the goods are returned duly authorised), we endeavour to process all returned goods promptly, reporting back to you as quickly as practicable.

The customer is responsible for any and all shipping charges associated with returning the goods. These include (but are not necessarily limited to) import duty, taxes and any transport costs incurred from port to the EXHEAT Ltd address. The return of goods from outside the EU under Inward Processing Relief (IPR) procedures is not accepted.

Adequate insurance shall be taken by the customer, as any goods lost in transit shall not be the responsibility of EX Services Pte Ltd.

Goods shall be suitably packed to avoid damage whilst in transit. Failure to comply may void any existing EXHEAT warranty.

The customer hereby assumes any and all responsibility and liability in connection with or arising out of handling, use, disassembly, cleanup, and / or operation of referenced goods. The company also hereby agrees to indemnify and hold EX Services Pte Ltd harmless against any and all damage or liability occasioned thereby.

Whilst assessing any returned goods, the customer shall be responsible for any reasonable costs incurred as part of the EX Services Pte Ltd initial inspection. Such costs may be waived where the fault is established as a justifiable warranty claim, or where the customer subsequently proceeds with either a refurbishment or replacement goods order. Due to space / storage constraints, we are unable to store returned goods. Therefore, within 21 days of us notifying your company that your goods are beyond economical repair, we will need to insist on your company to make an arrangement to collect your goods. After this date, it will be our intention to scrap this item.

I have read and accept the General Conditions stated above