EX Services Offers Thermographic Studies for Improved Predictive Maintenance Assessments

05 Nov 2015

Singapore – EX Services PTE Ltd has today announced that the company will be providing thermal imaging studies as part of its comprehensive service, maintenance and support offering. Thermal imaging is a procedure designed to detect deviations in equipment and facility temperatures, and is a rapidly growing diagnostics tool used by many companies as part of their predictive maintenance inspection programs. By taking non-contact thermal images of equipment as an integrated unit, EX Services technicians can quickly identify hotspots and store these images for further detailed analysis with the clients’ engineers. Thermographic imaging can be used for a wide range of purposes, from electrical surveys through to heat exchanger analysis. EX Services provides fully trained and qualified technicians skilled in the use of thermographic hardware in order to help customers detect and evaluate problems at an early stage, thereby helping to save companies thousands of dollars from unnecessary downtimes. This new service gives EX Services a strong competitive edge in providing fully comprehensive maintenance support packages for its customers. EX Services’ knowledge of servicing and maintaining electric process heaters and control panels spans 25 years and is a testament to the company’s dedication and experience in the industry.

About EX Services Pte Ltd
EX Services PTE Ltd is the maintenance and service arm of the EXHEAT Group. Backed by years of experience, EX Services has the expertise to ensure your systems are maintained by highly qualified and experienced engineers. EX Services delivers solutions that are designed to lower costs, reduce risk, and improve product longevity by eliminating problems before they arise. For more information about EX Services, please visit www.exservices.com.

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