EXHEAT Selected to Supply Heaters to Ughelli Power Station in Nigeria

02 Mar 2015

EXHEAT Ltd has announced today that it has been awarded a contract to supply three electric gas heaters for use at the Ughelli Power Station in Nigeria, operated by Transcorp Nigeria Ltd. The operator's three active power plants, Delta II, Delta III and Delta IV, have an installed capacity of 900MW, and supplies power to millions of households in Nigeria. The package to be delivered by EXHEAT includes two 2500kW Ex e electric natural gas heaters and one 700kW Ex e electric natural gas heater. The 2500kW heaters will be used to efficiently heat the flow of natural gas supplied to the Delta IV plant, while the 700kW heater will heat natural gas for the Delta II & III plants. The heaters are also linked to safe area thyristor control panels to provide precision temperature adjustments. All three electric heaters are custom-designed to fit TUPL's requirements, and are compliant to ATEX and CENELEC certification standards.

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