EXHEAT holds approvals from North America, Europe and globally through the IECEx scheme for the manufacture of electrical heating equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres:

  • GOST
  • IECEx
  • ATEX
  • CSA
  • EX
  • UL
  • LCIE

  • PED, Pressure Equipment Directive
  • ASME U Stamp
  • ASME NB Stamp
  • ASME R Stamp
  • KGS,KOSHA, Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency, Korean Gas Safety
  • CCOE, Indian Petroleum & Explosives Safety
  • CE

ATEX Hazardous Areas

All ATEX heaters manufactured by EXHEAT for use in hazardous areas within the European Union are certified to the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.

Compliance with this Directive has been mandatory for all heaters put into service in hazardous areas within the EU since July 2003.

EXHEAT manufacture a full range of ATEX certified electric flameproof and increased safety process and immersion heaters for use in hazardous areas. EXHEAT ATEX heaters for hazardous areas are supplied CE marked in accordance with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and the latest CENELEC standards, certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Safe area thyristor control systems and flameproof control systems are designed and manufactured by EXHEAT to control our range of ATEX compliant heaters. Our engineers will be pleased to advise on the most suitable control system for your ATEX certified heaters applications.

EXHEAT also offer a full range of ATEX certified industrial electric tank immersion heaters, process flow heaters and electric heating skids for a variety of applications in hazardous areas. Typical applications for certified ATEX heaters include fuel gas heaters, fuel oil heaters, glycol reboilers, TEG heaters, MEG heaters, water heaters, air heaters and heaters for specialised industrial processes.